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Requirements for Streaming Media Demonstrations

Streaming video is the preferred method of viewing our demonstrations, however you need a player that can support this more convenient technology. Players must be up to date and this page is intended to help get you going with the exciting world of streaming media.

You must have one of the following player versions installed in order to view the streaming media demonstrations:

  • Windows Media Player Version 9 or later
  • Real Player Version 8
  • RealOne Player version 1 or later (Note: RealOne is the next upgrade from Real Player version 8, and they do offer a free version)

You can get Real Player or RealOne free from Real Networks. Note that the link to the free player may be slightly hard to find, as it moves around frequently. If you cannot find the link to the free player try here and then look for a link to "free player." 

If you are running Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP, you can get Windows Media Player free from Microsoft. If your PC is running Windows NT, we recommend using RealOne player instead of Microsoft's older Windows Media Player version 6.4 as Microsoft offers no functionality for streaming and chose to drop support after version 6.4.

Once a streaming media player is installed or upgraded, try choosing the demonstration link that matches your player type again. Ideally, if your player is configured properly, it will launch automatically and play the streaming demonstration based on its file type.

Please be sure check the system requirements published by those companies, as the ability to stream video to your PC depends on the resources the player consumes on your PC. If you chose not to download and install one of these media players, links are also provided to download .mpg or .avi files that can be played in non-streaming mode. For example, Apple's Quicktime can be configured to play these video files and in this mode you download and play them.  For example, Windows Media Player 6 is installed by default on Windows 2000 systems and sadly, was also the last version supported by Microsoft under Windows 95 and NT4.  While you cannot view the streaming media presentation with that version, you are able to download and view the .mpg file. With most older multimedia players this "download the whole file to your disk, and then play it" is the mode of operation. 


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