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Radiometry Product Demos

The Downloadable Demos may require a fast link (>56K); otherwise, you may view the Live Web Demos which provide a live view into our instruments' data.

Demo Web Link Product Location  UVRSS-1024
(UV-B & UV-A CCD spectroradiometer)
NOAA, Table Mountain, Colorado
http://uvb.nrel.colostate.edu/UVB/ Atmospheric Radiation Monitoring System (ARMS)  using UV-B, MFR, UVMFR, and other instruments Colorado State Univ NREL/USDA UV-B Radiation Monitoring Program
http://demos.yesinc.com:9001 YESDAS Manager Web Access using MFR, MET-2010, UV-B, UV-A, TSP-700, TIR-570 YES, Turners Falls, Massachusetts
http://www.yesinc.com:8080 YESDAQ
YES, Turners Falls, Massachusetts


Product Downloadable Demos Files
YESDASM View a demo of the YESDAS Manager data acquisition software for the YES YESDAQ-2, the powerful 32+6 channel YES data logger. YESDASmDemo.EXE (1.2MB)

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