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Imaging Product Demos

The Downloadable Demos may require a fast link (>56K); otherwise, you may view the Live Web Demos which provide a live view into our instruments' data.

Demo Web Link Product Location
Yankee Environmental Systems TSI-440  Total Sky Imager
Turners Falls, Massachusetts
Yankee Environmental Systems TSI-880 Total Sky Imager
Turners Falls, Massachusetts
Department of Energy Atmospheric Radiation Measuring TSI-880 Data Visualization Engine Total Sky Imager
Southern Great Plains, Oklahoma
National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research TSI-440 Hourly Images Total Sky Imager
Lauder, New Zealand
Yankee Environmental Systems YESDAS Manager YESDAS Manager Web Access (MFR, MET-2010, UV-B, UV-A, TSP-700) Turners Falls, Massachusetts
Explorer of the Seas Mobile Radiation Package Mobile Radiation Package MRP-1010 (MFR, TSI aboard ship) Explorer of the Seas Cruise/Science Ship
Turners Falls, MA


Product Downloadable Demos Files
Total Sky Imager animated images (including processed images) taken 05/05/1998 12:10 - 15:05 CDT at the DOE ARM field site in Oklahoma TSI.ZIP (13MB)

Web Demo

TSI-880 Total Sky Imager - Waveclouds Wavecloud (3 MB)
TSI-880 Total Sky Imager - Warm Front Passage Warm Front (3 MB)
TSI-880 Total Sky Imager - Rain Shower Rain Shower (8 MB)
TSI-880 Total Sky Imager - Morning Rain AM Rain (8 MB)
TSI-880 Total Sky Imager - Gloomy Day-to-Clearing Gloomy (7 MB)
TSI-880 Total Sky Imager - Post Cold Front Cold Front (3 MB)
TSI-880 Total Sky Imager - Thunderstorms Thunderstorms (11 MB)

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