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YESDAS-2 Frequently Asked Questions

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1. General

  1. What kind of optical interference filters do the MFR, UVMFR, and SPUV use?
  2. Will Yesdas Manager Work with Windows XP?
  3. Can I run systems in remote areas without AC power via solar panels?

2. Setup

  1. How do we set our own file names in YESDAS-2?
  2. I do not have a UVPS-1 power supply or a YESDAS-2 data logger. How do I hook up a UVB-1 pyranometer to my existing data logger and DC dual output power supply?

3. Operational

  1. I want to set up a UVB-1, MFR, UVMFR, or SPUV site and only download data every few days on my YESDAS-2. Is unattended operation doable? What about the TSI and RSS?
  2. What do I need to do to make the YESDAS Y2K compliant?
  3. Why do I get the error "Unable to compile the solar info file (Found "LAMDAS" ..... Expected "LAMBDAS" (Wrong Info Type?))" when I try to apply solar angular correction?
  4. What is the advantage of the YESDAS-2 PCMCIA memory card option?
  5. How long does it take for the memory in a YESDAS-2 datalogger to fill up?
  6. Can additional weather sensors be added to the MFR/UVMFR, SPUV or YESDAS-2 logger?

4. Instrument Selection

  1. How many other instruments can I connect to the YESDAS-2 supplied with my MFR-7, UVMFR, or SPUV?
  2. Can I use a different data logger that we already own to run a MFR-7, SPUV, or UVMFR to save some money?
  3. Can I connect a second MFR-7 head to the YESDAS-2 on my MFR/UVMFR system that we already own? What about adding a SPUV?
  4. What other meteorological sensors (such as temperature, humidity, pressure, wind direction/speed) can be added to the YESDAS-2 connected to an MFR, UVMFR, or SPUV?



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