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YESDAQ Frequently Asked Questions

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1. General

  1. What kind of optical interference filters do the MFR, UVMFR, and SPUV use?
  2. Will Yesdas Manager Work with Windows XP?

2. Setup

  1. How do we set our own file names in YESDAS-2?

3. Operational

  1. I want to set up a UVB-1, MFR, UVMFR, or SPUV site and only download data every few days on my YESDAS-2. Is unattended operation doable? What about the TSI and RSS?
  2. What do I need to do to make the YESDAS Y2K compliant?
  3. What is the advantage of the YESDAS-2 PCMCIA memory card option?

4. Instrument Selection

  1. What other meteorological sensors (such as temperature, humidity, pressure, wind direction/speed) can be added to the YESDAS-2 connected to an MFR, UVMFR, or SPUV?
  2. Is YESDAQ the only way to run the TSI-880?
  3. Can we set up a simple ftp daemon to ftp images directly from a TSI-440 or TSI-880 to pull data files to a remote system instead of buying YESDAQ/DVE?
  4. What operating systems can YESDAQ be run on?
  5. Are TSI data (image files) stored as ASCII or are they stored in some proprietary format that nothing but YESDAQ can understand?



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