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General Description

The Model TDL-6200 Total Doppler Lidar represents a breakthrough in the state-of-the-art of remote sensing of wind speed and direction. Operating in the intrinsically eye-safe and invisible 1.5m m near infrared (NIR) region, its solid state laser diode source and erbium-doped fiber amplifier provides reliable, continuous service at remote locations.

The TDL makes continuous real time wind profile measurements form dozens to hundreds of meters. It eliminates the need to install and maintain a meteorological tower. As it small and self-contained, it is ideal for quick setup deployments involving emergency response or military tactical observations.

The TDL was developed in partnership with the US Navy Office of Naval Research. It is the first low cost system that bridges the gap between laboratory and routine lidar wind measurements.


No moving parts for long life in the field

Doppler and backscatter information

Monostatic optical design eliminates beam alignment headaches

Rugged construction with few moving parts

CPU permits remote administration via TCP/IP


Solves the problem of wind measurements when towers are impractical or impossible to erect.

Surface meteorological systems

Structural testing of high value assets under wind and ice loads

Military tactical weather systems

Wind and weather research

Regulatory compliance

TDL Doppler LIDAR with two axis TST scanner

Principle of Operation

A scanning telescope produces a collimated beam of coherent, pulsed 1.5m m laser energy. The telescope simultaneously collects backscattered light off moving aerosol particles into a solid state detector. This monostatic optical architecture eliminates transmit and receive beam misalignment and assures long term performance. A modulated solid state pulsed laser source supplies light, that is detected via a solid state diode. A high-speed signal processor then calculates the Doppler shift of backscattered light from aerosols and dust. Many pulses are averaged together to derive the Doppler shift, and results are presented via a web user interface that provides real time graphical representation of wind data. A two axis scanner moves the telescope in a cone pattern to permit extraction of the u, v and w wind vectors.


The TDL-6200 is a part of the YES Weather Web, an integrated instrument suite that fully characterizes the atmosphere. The Weather Web represents a turnkey surface meteorology measurement solution based on best-of-breed sensor technology, offering state-of-the-art performance.




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