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2. Setup

1. I do not have a UVPS-1 power supply or a YESDAS-2 data logger. How do I hook up a UVB-1 pyranometer to my existing data logger and DC dual output power supply?

Step 1. You need a source of +12Vdc at 1A and -12Vdc at 30 mA.

Step 2: You need something to record the analog output of the UVB-1. This output is proportional to the UV-B irradiance, and is calibrated at the factory. If you happen to have a Campbell CR-10 that only can do +/- 0-2.5v, you can use a resistive voltage divider to prescale the signal down. Of course, if you do not need a data logger, a simple handheld D.V.M. or chart recorder will also work.

If this all sounds a bit complicated, we sell a complete 32-channel data logger/ power supply system, YESDAS-2, as well as a simple UVPS power supply. Both the YESDAS-2 and UVPS-1 convert 110/220Vac to provide the +12 Vdc/-12Vdc voltages and are housed in weatherproof NEMA-4X enclosures. The YESDAS-2 supplies DC power from AC mains and logs data from up to 32 analog instruments and 6 pulse type digital instruments. YESDAS-2 is optimized for solar measurements and knows the sun's elevation angle. This is stored with each data reading and permits post angular correction of direct-normal radiometer data.



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