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2. Setup

1. The shadowband is not shading the diffuser at all times of the day (early, solar noon or late in the day). What's wrong?

This is clearly a system setup/alignment issue. Even if a shadowband correctly shades later at a different time of year, it was not", something is not aligned. Check:

-YESDAS time is set precisely within a few seconds of GMT?

-Aligned geographical north/south (and verified at solar noon?)

-Level the diffuser (not via the bubble level at the base, check the black diffuser ring itself with a machinist's level)?

-Verify motor angle with a paper template (and verify the motor is pushed into the slide fully and bolts are snug)?

-Verify band stops at nadir location (use your thumb/forefinger)?

-Was band bent in shipment (use a paper template)?

Please see http://www.yesinc.com/support/supportwizard.html

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