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PFC-5001 Frequently Asked Questions

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1. General

  1. What kind of optical interference filters do the MFR, UVMFR, and SPUV use?
  2. Why is data from a narrowband UV radiometer more useful than that from a broadband pyranometer?
  3. Can I run YES instruments from batteries alone for portable operation?
  4. What do I need to know before selecting an radiometer for outdoor use?
  5. Why do we have to measure UV radiation? Why can't we just model it?
  6. Why should we choose a UVB-1 over a competitve product such as a Solar Light 501?
  7. The internal operating temperature of the UVB, MFR, UVMFR, SPUV, RSS is about 45 C. Why is this?

2. Setup

  1. I do not have a UVPS-1 power supply or a YESDAS-2 data logger. How do I hook up a UVB-1 pyranometer to my existing data logger and DC dual output power supply?

3. Operational

  1. I am interested in the DNA damage action spectrum of UV-B and not the erythemal action spectrum. Can I use a correction factor with the UVB-1 instrument's output to calculate irradiance using this action spectrum?
  2. Can the instrument monitor water?

4. Instrument Selection

  1. Can the UVB-1 or UVA-1 pyranometer be used with other data loggers besides YESDAS-2?
  2. Does operating two pyranometers such as the UVB-1 and UVA-1 require two separate UVPS-1 power supplies?
  3. What are the differences between UV-A, UV-B and UV-C radiation?
  4. Can you compare the UVB-1 instrument with the Blue Wave BW-100 radiometer from Vital Technologies Corp. or other broadband UV radiometers?



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