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METHUB Frequently Asked Questions

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2. Operational

1. Can I import the data from the LabVIEW monitor program into another application?

Yes, the LabVIEW software supports OLE2 communications into another MS-Windows application. You can either pipe data to a file or to another application that is running under Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP.

2. How often will I need to clean the mirror in a chilled mirror dew point hygrometer?

This of course depends on the nature and amount of contaminants in the gas sample. Meteorological measurements in rural areas have been known to give accurate results for up to a year without cleaning the mirror. Locations near highways with heavy hydrocarbon loads require monthly cleaning. Industrial installations on heat treating/nitriding ovens may require daily cleaning.

3. What is the required sample flow rate for a chilled mirror dew point hygrometer?

You need to supply a flow rate of 0.25 to 1.5 scfh (standard cubic feet per hour). It is generally not affected by changes in flow rate over this range. Higher flow rates constitute a higher heat load on the chilled mirror but ensures faster response to changes in dew point. The lower flow rates are less of a heat load, but are accompanied by somewhat slower response, as it takes longer to flush out the mirror chamber.

4. What pump type should we use for moving a gas sample through a chilled mirror dew point hygrometer?

Just about any small laboratory-type dry diaphragm pump capable of moving a few SCFH of air at atmospheric pressure is adequate. Avoid pumps that use oils as lubricants.



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