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Operational Calibration: Optical Frequently Asked Questions

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3. Operational

1. I am interested in the DNA damage action spectrum of UV-B and not the erythemal action spectrum. Can I use a correction factor with the UVB-1 instrument's output to calculate irradiance using this action spectrum?

Yes. Each UVB-1 and UVA-1 instrument includes our UV_Calc modeling program that lets you model other action spectrums and compare the UVB-1 measurements to Green's model. UV_Calc is also sold separately.

2. Can the instrument monitor water?

The monitor is able to measure HCHO in Air and Water samples. Both functions can not be separated. The input line for the analysis of HCHO in the liquid phase is also used to calibrate the instrument itself or its internal HCHO- permeation source for automatic calibration.



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