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Broadband Pyranometers Frequently Asked Questions

1. General

  1. Is it possible to have a single pyranometer that measures the combined UV-A and UV-B?
  2. When measuring with the UVB-1, from measured Volts out we change this values to UV erythematic via the correction table, but to evaluate the UV Index (UVI) the manual says to multiply by 25, the question is why 25? Other papers mentions a factor of 40?

2. Setup

  1. Can longer cables be supplied?

3. Operational

  1. How do I calibrate a UVB/A-1 or TSP-700 broadband instrument? Can't I just use some sort of lamp rather than the sun?
  2. Can a UVB-1/UVA-1 be used underwater?

4. Instrument Selection

  1. What operating systems can YESDAQ be run on?



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