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Rotating Shadowband Radiometers Frequently Asked Questions

1. General

  1. Can I replace my standard filters for custom MFR/UVMFR/SPUV filters later on?
  2. What kind of optical interference filters do the MFR, UVMFR, and SPUV use?
  3. Can I get non-standard filters for the MFR, UVMFR, or SPUV?

2. Setup

  1. We have verified the direction of geographical North-South and the motor axis is parallel with earth's polar axis. For many months the shadowband shadeed correctly. But now the shadowband tip does not shadow the diffuser entirely. Each day the gap of shadow becomes larger (headed toward the summer solstice) or smaller (headed toward the winter solstice).
  2. The shadowband is not shading the diffuser at all times of the day (early, solar noon or late in the day). What's wrong?

3. Operational

  1. If the performance of a MFR, UVMFR, or SPUV head is changed due to a repair or engineering change order, can I have the head characterized "before and after" the change?
  2. What is the ambient temperature operating range of the radiometers (UVB-1, MFR/UVMFR and SPUV? Will they work in the arctic?
  3. How are MFRs/RSSs calibrated?
  4. Is it possible to mount the MFR-7/UVMFR vertically or upside down?
  5. Can additional weather sensors be added to the MFR/UVMFR, SPUV or YESDAS-2 logger?
  6. How long does it take for the memory in a YESDAS-2 datalogger to fill up?
  7. Why do I get the error "Unable to compile the solar info file (Found "LAMDAS" ..... Expected "LAMBDAS" (Wrong Info Type?))" when I try to apply solar angular correction?
  8. Owners of UV-B networks would like to know what instrumentation is required for making routine calibrations of the Model UVB-1.
  9. For many months the shadowband shaded the diffuser correctly, but getting closer to the summer solstice, we notice it does not appear to have enough length to shadow the diffuser completely. Each day the gap of shadow becomes slightly larger.

4. Instrument Selection

  1. How many other instruments can I connect to the YESDAS-2 supplied with my MFR-7, UVMFR, or SPUV?
  2. Can I use a different data logger that we already own to run a MFR-7, SPUV, or UVMFR to save some money?
  3. Can I connect a second MFR-7 head to the YESDAS-2 on my MFR/UVMFR system that we already own? What about adding a SPUV?
  4. Can I run a TPC-3000 off of battery power?



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